ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is one of the strongest security software that provides complete solutions to keep your PC and your identity secure. It offers top rated firewall and antivirus to help you to fight against malwares including viruses, spywares, ransomware, phishing and other internet threats. Compared to other internet security suites, it offers you more / wider protections and features.

I believe that there are many outstanding reviews out there so in this post I will not provide you a comprehensive review about this software, but I will highlight the features. And I am here to inform you the latest promotion / discount on this software. In addition I also encourage you to test-drive the software, download ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Premium for free (30-day trial).

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Features

Award Winning Antivirus and Anti-Spyware Engine
It gives strong protections to protect your PC from viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms and other malwares. It works in the background, offers light but powerful scan engine, instantly recognizes and stops malicious software threats. You can remove malicious software once it found immediately.

Powerful Operating System Firewall
Known as OSFirewall™ – responsible for monitoring your PC programs and system changes, so it will prevent new attacks. It also provides 0-hour rootkit protection.

2 Way Firewall
It proactively stops outbound and inbound attacks, and cannot be easily bypassed. In fact it passes 100% of tests from independent leak tests. It also offers “Full Stealth Mode” which makes your PC invisible to attackers, and “Kill Controls” which instantly eliminate dangerous programs.

Internet Browsing Security

  • Virtual browsing lets you securely browse the web.
  • Prevent fraudulent / fake / phishing web pages from obtaining your account info like your username, password and other personal information.
  • Advanced Download Protection analyzes whether your download contains malware or not.
  • Anti-Keylogger and Screengrabber Jamming stops keylogging and screen captures, keep your keystrokes and clicks private.
  • Private browsing protects your privacy by completely removing your tracks (internet history, cookies, cache and password)

Identity Theft Protection and Data Protection
Provide identity protection services like daily credit report monitoring, fraud alerts, and victim recovery service. While for data protection it lets you securely make online backup to prevent data loss.

Additional Features
These include smart-real-time security updates, Threat Extraction, Threat Emulation, ZoneAlarm Mobile Security (iOS/Android), anti-ransomware, and Game Mode.

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