How to find out color code of a color from an image, website background, banner, etc? Have you ever faced this situation? If you are a webmaster sometimes you want to know what code behind the website image / background, you will need the quick solution to solve this problem. For example knowing the color code of the logo, matching your site’s background with Google Adsense color selection and others. Color codes are generally expressed in units of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or hexadecimal.

There is an easy way to identify the color code from image or a specific area on a web page, you do not need Adobe Photoshop or other photo editing programs to do this, and this one is free. The answer is ColorZilla (Firefox Add-on or Chrome Extension). Mozilla Firefox has been my favorite web browser in the recent years and I have this add-on installed on my browser, so far it’s very helpful.

Download and install the ColorZilla Add-on or Colorzilla for Google Chrome. Do not forget to restart your browser.

How to use it?

  1. To reveal the color code, click the eyedropper icon (located at the top right corner of the browser window)
  2. Your mouse pointer changed to “+”
  3. Move your mouse pointer, put it on the color area you want
  4. Look at the status bar! RGB and html / hexadecimal color code are displayed automatically on your browser’s status bar.

To identify the color code of a color from picture or logo, just open the image file with your firefox browser. Using the method above you can reveal the color code. That’s easy right?