Mondly languages software is perhaps the most user-friendly web-based language learning application I have come across. It is the kind of software that gives you the freedom to learn another language while still in your daily routine. During a break from your daily chores, you can simply log in the software, learn a few words and get back to what you were doing. When you are free again you can bounce back to where you left. It is really fun to use the online software.

Components of learning

Mondly is a very intuitive application. First, it uses images to accompany the wards. It is important as users can easily relate what they see to what they are learning. Visually enabled software quickens the learning process. In addition to the visually enabled learning, the online app gives you the option use voice recognition. This is made possible by the option to switch on and off your microphone when conversing in the chatbox. This is particularly useful to practice the pronunciation of different words. You cannot learn a language by just reading. You need to practice. These two are my best components of the learning process. They are not only practical and also easy to use and makes the whole learning process easy.

Membership to Mondly software

The software gives the user a freely membership plan that one can access any language up to 33 languages. It should be noted that the application is not suitable for people who want to perfect in a single language. If for example, you want to learn a foreign language to frequency level, this is not the ideal software for you. The free member enables one 33 languages at different levels. These levels are the beginner, intermediate and advanced. The alternative to the free membership is the Mondly premium plan. Under this plan, you can access or the language as done in free membership or choose one single language.

As a new user, you don’t have to sign up to enjoy the services. You can directly access a class without an account. Although for data saving purposes, signing up is necessary. Imagine you want to check on something very quickly at your lunch break. If you have signed up, the application will have to take you through the lengthy process of registration. The most annoying part is the part where you have to wait for an email message to access the activation link.

Lesson categories in Mondly software

There are over 40 lesson categories in the application. Each category contains a number of lessons. For free membership one is usually allowed to enjoy three categories namely: hello, chatbox and daily lesson. The others are only accessible to premium users only.

In conclusion, the mondly application is the best software to get to teach you how to learn a basic foreign language. It has great graphics and animation, support many languages, allows voice recognition and gives you a free membership. On the other side, it can be repetitive and requires additional learning to attain frequency.

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