Have you ever wondering, how to convert Microsoft PowerPoint slides to a video? Is there any solution to this? Yes of course, there are some software and online services that can provide you the solution but most of them are not free. In my quest in finding freeware and free web-based service to convert PPT presentation to video, I found a free PowerPoint to video converter software. The program is E.M PowerPoint Video Converter, actually it is a paid software but the publisher also offers the free version. You can download the PowerPoint to video converter program and use it for free. Don’t worry, it will not cost you anything and there is no time limitation.

I have made few experiments with this software and I conclude that the features in E.M PowerPoint Video Converter free version are good enough. We will learn how to use it. You will be able to convert your Microsoft Office PowerPoint slides/files to AVI, WMV and MPG video formats. What are the features and how to use the software? Let get started!

PowerPoint to Video Converter Freeware
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1. First of all, download E.M PowerPoint Video Converter (link is available in the end of this post)

2. Run the downloaded setup file and install the program into your PC.

3. Open PowerPoint Video Converter application.

4. Click “New Task” button and add your file(s) – navigate to any PPT file you want to convert and then click OK – choose your desired video output format (WMV/AVI/MPG) – your file will be added into the list. You can also choose add file(s) in a folder or repeat this step if you want to convert multiple PowerPoint files to a video.

5. Now you have your PPT file(s) in the list. On the main interface there are several tools that allow you to customize or control the output:

  • Trim – Use this tool to convert partial pages or slides of a Microsoft PowerPoint file.
  • Record audio – it allows you to add your own voice from a microphone to narrate your presentation or add an audio / sound (mp3/wma/wav) file into a video.
  • Auto / Interactive Mode – In auto mode you can set the transition delay (in second(s)) between slides and transition time between builds. While in interactive mode you can play powerpoint file manually, click the left mouse button or press down key on the keyboard to go to the next slide, until to the end of slides.
  • Output Format and Profile – in this section you can change video output format and customize video / audio quality.
  • File name – change the name of the video output file here.
  • Default output folder – choose a folder for saving output file.

6. Okay, if you have done with the customization, you can start the conversion! Hit “Convert” button to convert PowerPoint presentation to a video.

That is it! Check out your converted PowerPoint file and play it with your favorite media player.

Free Download E.M Free PowerPoint Video Converter
License: Freeware
Operating system: Windows