If you are looking for the easiest solution to create animated gif files, then you have come to the right place. Gif file is one of the most popular image formats. Actually there are many more kinds of image formats that are popular today, such as jpg, png, tiff, etc., each has pros and cons. For the gif file, one advantage is: “dynamic”, this means that the image is not static, the image can change and repeat in motion (animated).

As far as I know, the image’s quality of gif files is not as good as .png or .jpg formats. Usually we found many of them are in the form of avatar photos. Although the picture quality is not as good as other image formats, but files with .gif extension tend to have smaller size and more efficient.

Back again to our topic, how to make animated gif? It is true that there are some software that can help you, but this time we will try to use a free online service that has abilities to create animated gif from pictures and YouTube video.

I have done searching for free online gif creator services on the net. In my opinion one of the best of them is Gickr. Here is the screenshot of Gickr’s interface.

gickr online gif creator user interface

How to Create Animated gif With Gickr?
With this free tool you can make animated gif from pictures / photos and YouTube Video. Basically there are three ways to create a gif file with this tool, the first method is by uploading pictures (up to 10 files) directly from your computer; the second method, you can import pictures from flicker; and the third, you can convert any YouTube videos to animated gif. The result from the uploaded images will produce picture in motion. Meanwhile, to make animated .gif from a video on YouTube you can simply enter the video link. These tools also provide options to adjust the output quality, such as “Size” and “Number of frames”.

If you know other tools that have same abilities, either online or offline based, please share them on comment. I think the method above is the easiest way to create animated gif files. There is no need to use any online photo editor or offline software and you don’t have to learn some skills for photo editing.