Exlevel GrowFX is an exceptional 3D modeling software that can be used to create and design plant modeling and animation for Autodesk using 3ds Max. With GrowFX, you are able to digitally recreate a life able 3D model of any plant, be it grass, tree, flower or any form part of it into an architectural masterpiece using a simple to use tool which can set parameters with which you can start with.

GrowFX lets you create trees, conifers, palm trees, flowers, ivy and many other vegetation compositions which can be used to create unique scenes by entwining with objects and plants. GrowFX is fully compatible with Maxtree, a 3D program which offers the best products for 3D artists and company to create environment element in the 3D program.

Features of GrowFX

Creation of realistic trees

Create realistic trees: With GrowFX , you can create a realistic tree with a special technology named “Meta Mesh” which allows for the combination of different parts of a tree into a single surface with smooth transitions that removes any form of scratch between the combinations. So you can take a tree branch and combine it with a trunk and they will be joined without any trace. Meta mesh can also be used to create tree trunks of any shape.

Create grass and woodland

Create grass and woodland: using GrowFX, an object can be used to create a single or group of plants which can be achieved by specifying start points or from the surface of the object.

Create climbing and trailing plants

Create climbing and trailing plants: With GrowFX, the direction modifier “Object reaction” allows for creativity of varieties of climbing and trailing plants using path reaction a method which allows for curling plants around objects which by default, plants can’t stay on. With GrowFX object reaction, you can create plants growing around different obstacles or plants in closed places. With Object reaction, you can create trailing plants on curly objects which normally seems difficult to achieve.

Create sheared plants

Create Sheared Plants: Using the “Object slice” a direction modifier, you can create sheared plants of any shape using the slice to shape any tree or plant object into what you desire. You can use any of the standard shapes from helper objects of the Exlevel category which includes plane, box, sphere, and other geometric shape objects.

Create a plant of any shape: GrowFX allows users to create any specific shape for stems and branches using spine direction modifier which allows for interpolation between different spines allowing for smooth transitions from one shape to another.

The animation in GrowFX: GrowFX can create an animation of a plant: growth, wind, bent, leafy, etc. using the Affects mechanism to get exact parameters needed to create the animation. With Affects mechanism, dependences can be created which allows for fully fledged animation of a growing plant.

More features of GrowFX

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